Still from the Musicvideo "Blueprints" | click to enlarge

It has been a while ( Working at de DigitaleMediaFabriek is a creative full time job ). As a side project I’ve been working on ideas for a Music video for ROOM32 for their song “Blueprints”.

Still from the music Video "Blueprints" | click to tenlarge

The story kicks of with the close up of a machine that creates different pieces of junk from the ingredients you pour in. The different stages of the machine symbolize a building process. What is it creating?

Still from the music Video "Blueprints" | click to tenlarge

Update 01-02-2012
This part of the machine will color the objects that move through the large octagon shape. The current shape is a placeholder

still from the musicvideo "Blueprints" | click image to enlarge

I’ll be updating this project with renders and video through Flickr