“Producing brand-specific creative ideas and innovative (advertising) concepts, implementing these effectively in real market conditions. Expertise: E-learning, Ludodidactics & Applied Games.”

Products & services

Developing e-learning solutions for a variation of professions and industries. With a strong focus on the user experience, we apply our gaming & didactic knowledge to build engaging educational modules.For Dentallect, a dental institute, we work with ‘moodle’ and ‘articulate storyline’ for seamless web integration of all e-learning modules. We have build a solid online academy, which is part of the mbo4 certified program “Dental Assistant”, in the Netherlands.
Rabobank Amsterdam requested a new approach on certain topics that new employees need to study. We created interactive instructional video’s and delivered them as e-learning modules or so called i-Films.
A game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. The idea shares aspects with simulation generally,but explicitly emphasizes the added pedagogical value of fun and competition.TU Delft requested a new aproach for the first year students engineering course. We changed the contexts of the course into an engaging storyline in which the students would fullfill their assignments as missions as they were working to become the CEO of TECS. During the first semester they would finish the game which allows them access to the exams.

Portfolio & clients

i-Film on security procedures
Pervasive game for microsoft employees to increase connectivity & collaboration skills.
Benelux Marketing campaign with real life gaming elements
An applied game for engineering students at Delft University.


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Project Close-up

A small test to study the curiosity of youtubers. What are the parameters of a successful youtube movie & how can we use those to build a relation with our audience.

Current Project

Projectionmapping – Live show

Creating a projectionmapping sequence for a venue of the ministry of VWS.

Theme: Mondriaan & De Stijl