E-learning & LMS solutions

For ‘Dentallect’ we have set a new standard for the overall quality of e-learning courses in the dental industry. All of the interactive modules are 90% based on film material, mixed with infosheets, interactive tools, random question banks, exams and come with a certificate accredited by dental institutions.

Ludodidactics & Gamifications

Alternate Reality Game for the introduction of Batman: Arkham City ™. Online and offline gaming experience through multiple media. Gamers in the Benelux had to cooperate in order to challenge the riddler in a real life gaming finale.

E-learning & LMS solutions

project supervision and teaching proces management in game & interactive performance design. Specializing in “Reality checks” for developing games in public space. Achieved BKE (Basis Kwalificatie Examinering) registration in may 2015.

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We have developed for:


Storytelling and visualization is what we do all day. We animate for games, commercials, advertising & film. A quick selection can be seen here.

Footage of a live session with Virtuater and XenoSonix. Creating soundscapes with a lot of analogue synthesizers for an interactive movie.

First draft visual for a Virtual Reality “on rails” game. A player takes seat in a comfortable rocker in which he will take a ride down… Tools: Oculus DK2 | UE4 | Arduino for controling external hardware like a rotating fan that is connected to your in-game speed.