TU Delft – Gamification of Engineering course

TU Delft - Engineering Career Simulation TU Delft requested a new aproach for the first year students engineering course. We changed the contexts of the course into an engaging storyline in which the students would fullfill their  assignments as missions as they were working to become the CEO of TECS. During


Warner Bros. – Pervasive game experience

4000 gamers have experienced a unique game, playing both online and in the real world. We created a series of riddle trails during the online part of the game in which gamers of the Benelux had to cooperate in order to solve them. They collected parts of a QR-code which they had to scan to be able to register for the Live Finale of the Challenge. 100 finalists were chosen to travel to a secret location somewhere in Amsterdam where they attended a live show never seen before, including free drinks and pizza, a hands on with the Arkham City game, spectacular prizes, batman goodies and off course the appearance of the riddler himself.