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An interactive virtual reality story for pc and oculus

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Royal photography for the ministry of VWS

creating an anatomic stock photo

As part of the dental e-learning project, a rough 3k high quality stock photos have been taken over the two years. This image represents the steps taken before a photo is ready to be implemented into the learning modules.

E-learning for the dental industry

Hello world!

Tutorial | path deform & motion tracking for videoclip

Hello world!

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Dentallect e-learning trailer

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4 hour projects – medieval housing, trade market estate

Last D&D session we bought ourselves some proper real estate. The “land” it included is limited to the patio however. Nevertheless, I decided to visualize it  this saturday afternoon in a realy quick design session which included some true pen & paper skills, some 3dsmax, minor after effects and the some PS finalizing. The whole […]

DIY & E-learning

Hello world!

PIAD April | “We demand fresh milk”

Project in a day – April
Shorts scene in which a UFO abducts a cow.
They render is a look & feel shot of the scene after post production
The movie is a tracking rendertest
Total amount of hours: 6
3dsmax, boujou, premiere, after effects, photoshop

Click the photo to view a highr-res version.

The short is about 3 alien lifeforms trying […]

Spinawards 2012 submission

With our latest ARG campaign for Warner Bros. IE, the “Batman Arkham City Challenge”, we are aiming for another spinaward this year in 3 categories; games, mobile & crossmedia. Check out the spinawards entry HERE or watch the video that will explain the project in 2 minutes.

Canon 550d movie feature

First experiment with the Canon 550d movie setting cialis 20mg france. 1280 x 720, 50 fps. rendered the scenes at 50%. no post production. Especially the take at 1:54 has really beautifull color contrasts.

ROOM32 Musicvideo Work in Progress

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VRAY studio setup

Working on a virtual studio template. This setup has 2 render presets using a three light setup. One preset for quick preview renders, which speeds up rendering time and one for the final rendering which could take up all night. The preview preset uses little subdivs with the irradiance map default preset on low.
I used […]

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Warner Bros. Game Campaign – Lord of the Rings

The next release will be a launch campaign for Warner Bros. Lord of the Rings game; “War in the North”. It will be online soon and I’ll make sure to update you with the whole game design process as soon as I’m able.
<img class="size-full wp-image-512" title="111026_lotr_landingpage_small" src="http://www.virtuater cialis livraison.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/111026_lotr_landingpage_small.jpg” alt=”” width=”512″ height=”273″ srcset=”http://www.virtuater.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/111026_lotr_landingpage_small.jpg 512w, http://www.virtuater.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/111026_lotr_landingpage_small-300×159.jpg […]

Green Screen Studio Template v0.1

working on a studio template for green screen recording purposes. Current image is rendered with mental ray without any settings tinkering. When I have more time, this week, I will focus on daylight interior lightning, (mental ray) materials, render settings  and I will add video as a background. Current background image is a plane with […]

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[TMP] low res render test fumefx

640 x 480 fumefx & particle system setup in 15 mins. This is a render test to check the capabilities of my work station.

fumefx settings: spacing 4,  velocity 0,03, vo time 1,0
By no means is this render trying to approach any realism.

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Batman Arkham City Challenge – Warner Bros.


The last three months we have been working on the “Batman Arkham City Challenge pre-launch mobile ARG campaign” for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment ( you still there ; ).
4000 gamers have experienced a unique game, playing both online and in the real world.
We created a series of riddle trails during the online part of the […]

Animated Satellite in Google Earth

From a 2009 project for the TU Delft cialis quebec.
Manualy tracking a 3D Satellite into google earth footage.

For the geeks among us: used video as background image in 3dsmax, rotoscoped the camera in sync with the satelite animation frames, rendered all frames in PNG, added the beams from a PS image, brought it together in […]

Virtuater portfolio 2010 – 2011

Currently working on two projects for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. As much as I would like to share all the details of these projects, I have to keep them from you until november 2011. In the meanwhile, I have gathered visuals that represent some of the side projects I have been working on from december […]

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Project in a Day | August 2011 | Black Whole S.P.

Another fictional ad for the Space Photography Agency ‘Black Whole’. I got the glass crack from cgtextures, but all the rest is from scratch without using or looking at any reference. I had a hard time figuring out the right blending modes for the space layers in order to get the right lightning effects. I’ve […]

New web template preview

I’m working on a new page template. This blog will still have its own tab, but I want the new Virtuater portal more focused on portfolio & projects.

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March – portfolio addons

We have finalized our pre-launch media campaign pitch for Warner Brothers. Thus, I’ve had time to do some (web)design work in march as well. A quick wrap-up;

SpinAward & ADCN nomination for our Microsoft campaign

update | monday april 11th
We won a silver spinaward! I would like to thank the whole team for their inspiration, creativity & friendship!
jury report;
“Een Alternative Reality Game bedenken en uitvoeren is al moeilijk genoeg. Dit doen binnen de bedrijfsomgeving van Microsoft Nederland waar het verder “business as usual” is, is bijzonder. Hiervoor is lef nodig. […]

Project in a day | Januari – fictional add

Poster add for a fictional soda campaign. Language is Icelandic;
translation is ” Acid fluid – this is dirty”.
The add had to be mysteriously unappealing.
click the image for a high res 1080 x 1920 view
3dsmax | mental ray | photoshop | 6,5 hr.

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ARG campaign for Microsoft

commissioned by INDIE and in coöperation with TINAG Company & Blue Dolphin Entertainment Group, we created an Alternate Reality Game for the Dutch Microsoft subsidiary.

Watch the casefilm below or at microsoft.com/showcase

press releases:


virtual theatre performance | Respons(e)ible project 2.0

For the second time now, we were asked to perform the virtual theatre performance “the respons(e)ible project”. This time in theatre frascati in Amsterdam. The upcoming four days, we will host the warm-up and cooling-down of marslanding.

LINK to the info on the frascati website
LINK to the original performance documentary

project in cooperation with:
Joris Weijdom and Arnaud […]

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video clip | 3D asset – engine part_01

Basic sketch for a large engine that will be used in a video commercial. The 3D render below is a small part of the engine

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3D animation | The murder at Guillaumes

Day 5. theme concept; murder mystery | title sketch & work in progress sketch

3D animation | environment sketch

3D environment sketch for the short animation “The murder at Guillaumes”.

DAY 1. brainstorm: scifi Vs. stop motion stylo | alley’s and balcony’s | creepy cosy. Building layout and camera focus.

DAY 2. updating scene from sketch notes. Adding props. Testing several light schemes.

DAY 3. UPDATE: three quick character sketches

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Gateways | mobile AR game[play] preview

— Click on the image to view a HD version | virtuater | TINACG (c) 2010 —

— Click video below to watch intercepted AR test footage from gateways labs. —